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Our Vendors

***Note: This is a comprehensive list of vendors... please contact specific vendors to inquire whether or not they will be at the show you plan on attending!***
Mid Ohio Bird Toys & Cages


We are the largest bird toy company in the state. Offering you great prices in toys and supplies. With over 250 different toys all the
Ohio Bird Fairs with prices from $3.00 to $45.00


We also accept pre-orders to pick up at the BIRD FAIRS

Toys and cages for finches to macaws we have them all!!!

Your birds saftey is our #1 concern.

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Mid Ohio Bird Seed


Call for prices or visit our link below for the web site

We also accept pre-orders to pick up at the BIRD FAIRS as well as OUR NEW MANSFIELD LOCATION

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Cockatoo Creations

Shop for parrot gifts and parrot jewelry.
Buy that special cage bird gift or unique decor featuring parrots, cockatoos, cockatiels, and party parrots ( "perfect for parrotheads" ) New gift items including t-shirts, species-specific watches,
christmas ornaments, suncatchers, jewelry, and More!

Gahanna, Ohio

Nite Owl Aviary

Visit Night Owl Aviary for 10% off Bird Feed
Dave will deliver your orders to OHIO BIRD FAIRS

We currently breed Greenwing Macaws, Blue & Gold Macaws, Umbrella Cockatoos, Goffins Cockatoos, Congos, Timnehs, Blue Headed Pionus, Maximillian Pionus, Red Bellied Parrots, Dbl Yellow Headed Amazons, Black Headed Caiques & Love Birds.

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Two Bird Lovers

We carry bird toys, feed, cages.

Orrville, OH

Hobby Finch

Parent raised lady gouldian and exotic finches
- Morning Bird Products
- Twin Beaks Aviary Products

Kimberly Sasala

Ashtabula, Ohio

Colors in Flight Aviary

We currently breed Bluecaps, Goldbreast, Gouldians,
FireFinches (Senegal), Shaft Tails , Owls, Societies,
Lavendar Finches, Red-faced Stars, Yellow-faced Stars,
and Scarlet Chested Grasskeets.

Contact Dan and Candice Cranmore
Tiffin, OH

Phoenix Feathers Aviary

Hand-fed, tame and beautiful -
Cockatiels in fancy and rare colors
including pied, lutino, cinnamon, pearl, fallow, emerald,
whiteface, yellowcheek, pastelface and many, many combinations.
We also raise mutation Parrotlets, Green Cheek Conures,
Red Rumps Parakeets, Bourkes Grasskeets
and Splended/Scarlet Chesteed Parakeets.

Located in Western Pennsylvania.
Contact: Shannon

Natures Bird Perch An
Introduces A natural Table top? Cagetop Portable play-gym
We have some of the most interesting and stimulating organic toys for you wonderful little feathered friends. Our vines allow them to do what comes naturally...chewing , tugging,pullingthings apart, that will make a healthier, happier pet! They also offer other health benefits which include benefical beak wear and more natural footing.
All of our stands are made of naturally grown grape vinesthat are heat finished and bases are made of recycled untreated(no chemicals added)lumber cuttoffs. All of our stands and swings come standard with a size appropriate toy and or treat holder or both. Our toys are made of heat finished discs of grape. mulberry, and willow wood and most include a chunck of cuttle bone for an added treat.
We offer a veriety of styles and sixes to accommodate most type of bird.
If you have any questions or would like to place a special order please feel free to email me directly or visit our web site.

Contact - Peggy

Pampered Pet Aviary

We specialize in breeding cockatiels. Throughout the year we have available many hand fed and socialized babies male and female including some rares. We breed Normal Gray's, Pieds, Pearls, Cinnamons, Whiteface, Whiteface Lution's. Lution's, sexed- linked Yellowcheeks, Pastelface's, and Dominant Silvers. These birds can come in a lot of different combinations of the various mutations. Looking for a specific bird? Contact us!

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C&B Birds

Hand Fed Babies Of All Types
Specializing In Solomon Island Eclectus

2019 Eastern Avenue
East Oakmont, PA

Contact Cindy and Brianna McShane

Beesley's Beaks-N-Barks

Canaries R Us

Mixed canary breeds.
Satisfaction guranteed.

Contact Connie
330 686 1012

The Bird Loft

Patience, Care, and Compassion...This is what we pride ourselves on!

At The Bird Loft we offer a unique variety of services for the bird owner. We offer Hand-fed baby birds, supplies, toys, cages, pellet and seed diets, as well as boarding and grooming services.

On-site In-House boarding and grooming services available!

If you love your bird, you can count on The Bird Loft to provide the care and products it needs to thrive!

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Kim's Exotic Parrots

English Budgies � Lineolated Parakeets � Greencheek Conures - White Bellied Caiques � American Singer Canaries
Specializing in many color mutations!

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Pittsburgh, PA